Sending a Parcel Outside of the UK, Post Brexit… Here’s What You Need To Know

SWOT Diagram

Currently, sending a parcel from London to Germany is as easy as sending one from London to Birmingham, as a bare minimum provision of the name and address is all that is currently needed.

From 1st January 2021, additional information will be required, for every parcel leaving the UK.

A No Deal Brexit

The UK may leave the EU with a no deal. This will mean that the UK will trade with the EU under the WTO (World Trade Organisation) rules, which are the same rules, we currently trade under with the USA, Australia, Canada and China.

What does this mean for a parcel leaving the U.K?

  1. Customs Declarations will be required, we currently administer these via commercial invoice and electronic data exchange with couriers. These will be required for each parcel.

2. Courier rates may change as a result of customs handling

3. There may be duties and VAT to pay on each parcel

4. Transit times may increase due to customs checks

5. Inspections will take place on some goods imported/exported

6. Detailed data will be required to export goods into Europe or import them into the UK

Brexit Strategy

To prepare for any market shifts and changes, it would be good to know what your businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are.

To do this, a good old SWOT analysis is as a useful tool to use when looking at your business now, in the lead up to and after 1st January 2021, it will also help you to take into account an assumption of a hard Brexit and the impact upon your business.

When we leave in January, additional pieces of information may be required for every parcel to ensure it can move across the border.

Depending upon the Brexit scenario and whether the di miminus threshold is raised, consideration will need to be given to how the duties and VAT due, will be paid. These will also be known as “landed costs“. If you need help with this aspect let us know.

Checklist for Sending Parcels

  1. Do you know your Commodity Codes/HS Codes. These are recognised worldwide by all customs systems, in countries that are members of the WTO, including the EU

2. Product Descriptions – There will be a more descriptive way of providing this

3. In a post Brexit world it will be mandatory to have an EORI number to ship into the EU from the UK. It is easy to register for one, just visit

4. Country of Origin. This is the country that your products are manufactured or produced in and will be crucial for international trade. It will have an impact on duty, tax rates and security checks.

5. The consignment value

6. Total weight in KG

7. Reason for Export these reasons could be, but may change:-

01- Sales

02 – Return/Replacement

03 – Gift

8. Quantities of product being sent to give total consignment weight

Contact Information

Contact information for the receipient will be mandatory and this will be an e-mail address and phone number for the recipient.

If you want to know more about the above or need some help and support just give us a call 01691 779332 or e-mail

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