Integrated fulfillment technology.

Firstly, IT. In this day and age, it is impossible to work with a dated online system, as some of your competitors do. You succeeded ever so wisely in developing a bespoke system that is not only stable, comprehensive and accurate, but also so user friendly and intuitive that our new office administrator took less than 15 minutes to get full understanding of it on his first day.

CEO – International Electrical Distribution Company


From shopping carts, to marketplace and multi-channel managers, 3plukCHANNELS is a range of connectors that automatically pulls in your orders and pushes stock level and despatch data back across your network.

With new channels being deployed all the time, and features and functionality added, 3plukCHANNELS is an integral part of the 3plukTECH family and another reason why 3pluk is your ideal partner for your order fulfillment needs.


Create new orders, manage returns – streamline your business and create a healthy supply chain.

Our bespoke, in-house developed, cloud based fulfillment application; 3plukCORE allows customers to create new orders, manage returns and much more. 

Designed to be flexible and scalable whilst easy to use via our intuitive user interface, 3plukCORE also provides customers with real time stock level management and order tracking.

With a continuous development programme and a focus on delivering solutions to enhance our customer experience, 3plukCORE is equally comfortable acting as an extension to your existing business technology as it as being a key part of your business.


3plukCONNECT is our XML based API extension to 3plukCORE. 

Via 3plukCONNECT customers can push orders directly into 3plukCORE, and request order tracking and stock level details, all from their own web applications.

As with other elements of the 3plukTECH family, 3plukCONNECT benefits from ongoing updates, developments and new features.

If you have already invested in your web platforms but are looking for order fulfillment, 3plukCONNECT is the perfect application to offer seamless integration with your business.


Through our comprehensive courier integration platform we connect directly into some of the leading global courier networks, providing customers with real time courier data.

Our platform also ensures customers can benefit from a wide range of couriers and delivery options ranging from budget to premium services, all at exceptional rates.

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