Wine order fulfilment & 3PL

Wine Distributor

A testimonial from anther happy customer, a wine distributor with multiple websites linked to 3PLUK API.

Without 3PLUK my business could not function and I know from the experience of looking around that there just aren’t any ecommerce integrated fulfilment and dispatch solutions out there that offer such excellent value with a real small business level of customer service and responsiveness.

Excellent use of technology, too; their ‘Core’ system for uploading orders is very powerful and saves me a vast amount of time.

As I deal in wine it is also very reassuring to know that Dave has a background here and so is able to  offer the real bonus of knowing how to handle this delicate stuff both in storing it and in helping me to ensure that carriers look after it once it leaves the building.
Where else would I find all that under one roof?