Integrated Ecommerce Solutions

Welcome to 3plukCORE. Powerful Cloud Based Technology.

Designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs.

Cloud Based

Real Time


3plukCORE Puts You In The Driving Seat

When you choose 3pluk as your fufilment partner, you don’t just get our fulfilment services of pick, pack and dispatch.

You get so much more. Included free of charge, as standard in every fulfilment package is 3plukCORE Inventory Management software.

This powerful software integrates with your ecommerce plaftorm to pull through your orders, from wherever they are, in real time, and feeds the information to our warehouse teams.

You will have your own 3plukCORE portal and will be able to amend, change and cancel your orders, whenever you like and much more.

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No Developer.

No Problem.

Is what every ecommerce seller wants to hear. With our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly Technical Team here to to help you. You will be up and running with your fulfilment within days.

Are you looking for something a bit more bespoke?

Because 3plukCORE is so flexible, bespoke integrations are seamless.

The first stage will be a chat with our Technical Team to establish your requirements, agree timescales and ensure that you understand the whole process and what will be happening.

Keeping you informed at every stage of your integration, is just what we do.

If you are looking for friendly, helpful and speedy bespoke integrations… look no further. Contact us here for further information.

Free & Fast Integrations

Integrations with 3pluk are free and fast, in no time, you will have your inventory management real time, cloud based data, at your finger tips, putting you in control of your ecommerce fulfilment.

If you would like a demonstration with our friendly and experienced Business Development Team, drop them an e-mail today and they will come back to you same day with a demo date and time.

Tailor Made Integration Solutions

One Size Does Not Fit All

If you need something more bespoke and tailored to your requirements, this could be an integration with a multi channel manager or details of our open API so that your developers can build 3plukCore into your system, we can help.

Our Technical Team have a full range of capabilities and experience when it comes to all types of integration, after all they wrote 3plukCORE and using its flexible and inutitive software will be able to help support you to achieve your integration.

A Few Of Our Most Popular Integrations