Why 3pluk?

3pluk is a privately owned business, founded by its entrepreneurial directors, Dave and Rob, over ten years ago. Together they have a wealth of experience across the warehousing, logistics and technology sectors, into a flexible, innovative ecommerce fulfillment company, which can cater for all of your requirements and build a long term and lucrative partnership, helping you to reach your potential.

How is 3pluk different to other fulfillment companies?

We have developed our own bespoke 3plukTECH family of software apps that effortlessly and seamlessly integrate with your shopping carts, marketplaces, and multi-channel managers. 3plukCHANNELS.

Thinking outside of the box. It’s what 3pluk do.

We store
We pick
We pack
We dispatch

How can we help your business grow?

3pluk take care of all of your ecommerce fulfilment needs.

3pluk provide a fully integrated ecommerce order fulfilment solution. 3pluk receive stock on your behalf, quality control it and store it in our secure facilities. When an order is placed on your website or online marketplace, we “suck” the order into our operation, where our experienced and professional team, pick, pack and dispatch the orders on your behalf. We send all associated tracking data back to your originating order channel, which then communicates with your customer. It doesn’t stop there; we even manage your returns. 

How this benefits you

This enables you to concentrate on growing your brand and gives you peace of mind that your ecommerce order fulfilment partner, 3pluk, have all of your fulfilment needs ticked off and in the box. 

Partnering with 3pluk means that you don’t have to worry about:

  • Employing expensive staff
  • Paying for expensive warehouses
  • Investing in expensive software
  • Having concerns surrounding seasonal peaks
  • Boundaries to exponential growth

Our mission

“To create innovative, outside the box fulfilment solutions, to exceed expectation and ultimately support our client’s businesses to grow.” Dave Wyatt, Director, 3pluk

Your customers demand fast, accurate and reliable fulfilment, wherever and whenever they want it, which is why we provide: –

  1. 1. Make stock loss a thing of the past with 100% pick accuracy and real time data inventory 
  2. 2. Intelligent user-friendly integrated software giving you real time order and despatch updates
  3. 3. Competitive, cost saving shipping 
  4. 4. Branded packaging 
  5. 5. Fully compliant data security giving you peace of mind 
  6. 6. Global fulfilment 
  7. 7. Knowledgeable and friendly team. Here for you to help your business grow

Account management

Not only has our capacity grown, as much time and resources were freed from our team’s schedule and expenses, but we could also use the saved capacity to grow our business overseas. Besides our UK headquarters we now have a European subsidiary that expands our operations eastwards. I must say that without yourself and your ever so-loyal colleagues none of those achievements would have been made possible.

CEO – Online UK and European Leisure Industry Retailer

At 3pluk you will be provided with a dedicated account manager, who will manage and optimise your order fulfilment working with the 3pluk warehouse and logistics team to create an excellent experience for your customers and your business. 

We don’t provide off of the shelf fulfilment costs and pricing, we carry out a full solution focused analysis: –

Step 1 – Call to discuss your current requirements, your ambitions, any challenges you are facing, and we will work through solutions to these.

Step 2 – A fully costed solution with timescales and go live date. 

Step 3 – Agree milestones, introductions made to onboarding team. 

Step 4 – Our onboarding team will train you and configure your account with you.

Step 5 – Service delivery standards agreed, and service level agreement drawn up. 

Step 6 – Room to grow – alongside your account manager you will be provided with account updates, optimisation advice and seek feedback on our service. This will ensure that we provide continuous business improvement for you and your customers. 

Sound good? Want to know more? Contact one of friendly team today to discuss how we can support you to move onto the next level.

Thinking outside of the box. It’s just what 3pluk do.

Scale and Customise

We can scale and customise services to meet your specific needs and partner with your business, by providing a single service for your supply chain or we can deliver a bundle of services, that extend across multiple aspects of your supply chain. 

The beauty of this is that these services work with you to provide visibility for all aspects of your supply chain.

How our team supports your e-commerce business, to reach its full potential

The ability to easily manage your supply chain, have full visibility and take a proactive and informed approach to your inventory management, ensuring that the challenges you face, never prevent you from reaching your potential and don’t  slow down your growth.

  • Integrated systems approach to automatically import orders from all of your sales channels, with our bespoke 3plukTECH family. 
  • Real time tracking of your inventory levels – keeping you in control.
  • Excellent customer service – it’s just what 3pluk do. 

We focus on you, by providing the very best customer service and support within the industry. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is one of the biggest reasons our customers choose our services. 

Our knowledgeable team of fulfillment experts will form an important part of your ecommerce business. Whatever you need, just ask. 

Contact one of our fulfillment experts today to discuss how 3pluk can create value and enhance your operational, customer journey and financial outlook.

Case studies

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